BES AUDIO BWA-1000 Portable Wireless Sound System


◆ Maximum Output Power is 200W with 4Ω Load (Music).
◆ Integrated Class-D amplifier substantially enhances efficiency and battery life.
◆ Durable aluminum alloy cabinet design extends the life.
◆ Hiding pole and wheel design improves the mobility when travelling with it.
◆ Serial Link function enhances total sound pressure level When using in a larger performance environment
◆ Build-in UHF receiver module (Optional CD player or cassette unit can be installed).
◆ All signal source’s gain and EQ can be controlled individually.
◆ Build- in rechargeable battery and smart charging circuit can rapid charge the unit.

Distortion: <10.5%
Frequency response: 50-20KHz
Bass: 10″8Ω 125W/95.3db at 1W/1m 45Hz-5KHz
Tweeter: 8Ω 85W/106db at 1W/1m 3.5KHz-20KHz
Power supply: AC 90-260V switching power
Batt: 12V/4.5Ahx 2
Recharge Time: About 6 Hour
Receiver Module: PLL Synthesized UHF band
Output: Speaker/Speaker out(switched)/Line out
Dimensions: 355mmx315mmx600mm
Weight: 19KG
Color: Black