FREEBOX Wireless Presentation Sound System


FreeBOX Wireless Presentation Sound System        
• High sensitivity condenser microphone, pickup sound easi ly in 10cm range
• Automatic data synchronization. Automatical ly starts the channel saved last time when the system starts up
• Integrated PowerPoint page turning function in blue-tooth adapter. No need to buy PowerPoint page turner any more
• Equipped with the function of reverberation, appropriate adjustments to the reverb ratio can create good atmosphere to
  render your speech
• 30M working distance for wireless microphone, ideal for smal l speech and no worry about frequency drop out
• Built-in DSP processing, perfectly compensates acoustics system, effectively increasing the microphone gain
• With SD/USB disk/blue-tooth function, the system supports lossless audio format decoding, perfectly reproducing the
  original sound
• MP3 player with recording function
• Lithium-ion battery provides up to 8 hours working time

• External audio input (3.5mm mini-jack) for connection of PC or any personal audio device

RF Carrier Range: 500~937.5MHz
Oscillation Pattern : PLL
Working Range: 30M in ideal condition
Digital Modulation Method: pi/4 DQPSK
Modulation: FM
Pilot Tone: digital pilot tone
Max Channel Number: 128 channels
System  Compatibility: 4pcs
Frequency Response: 70Hz~ 15KHz(±3db)
Dynamic Range: > 102db
THD: < 0.8%
Signal-to-noise Ratio: > 98db(A)
RF Sensitivity: <-92dbm for 30db S/N Ratio
Image Rejection: > 55db
Output Connector: (XLR×2)/(1/4-inch connector×1)
Audio Output Level: (XLR: +8dbV) / (1/4-inch connector:
Output Impedance: 3KΩ
Display: nixie tube×2
Power Requirements:12V/0.5A DC power supply adapter
Operating Temperature Range: 0-50 ℃
FREEMIC (with powerpoint page flipping function)
Gain Adjustable Range: -5 ~ +5db
Input Impedance: 2.2KΩ
RF Power Output: 10mW
Harmonic Rejection: > 50db
Pi lot Tone: digital pilot tone
Display: OLED
Power Requirements: 3.7V lithium battery
Battery Life: >8h/1300mAH