RELACART UR-223S Single Channel True Diversity Wireless Microphone System


Key features
◆1/2 EIA standard 1U metal chasis, combined with new simple unique metal panel, small volume, lightweight.
◆The receiver with ultra wide reviewing angle LCD dot matrix display, shows working channel/frequency, RF/AF, transmitter battery level, mute and other status.
◆Super wide frequency range 554MHz~936 MHz, CPU intelligent antenna diversity.
◆AFS Automatic frequency selection. Press the [AFS] (Auto Frequency Selection) button 3S and the receiver will auto-scan and lock on to an open, interference-free frequency.
◆Press [IR] button to upload automatically the receiver frequency to the transmitter.
◆PLL (Phase Lock Loop frequency control) design,combine ” IP address” and “noise detection” mute control function, which can effectively block noise and radio frequency interference in the working environment, like the computer equipment, karaoke machine and DVD, etc.
◆Four frequency bands, 40 frequency groups, more than 400 frequencies for selection.
◆Newly design for the handheld microphone. Ultra angle OLCD display shows battery status, working channel and frequency. Firm and durable alloy material for tube body. Protect internal components and circuit board effectively, ergonomic design.
◆The capsule of the handheld microphone is detachable, can choose dynamic or condenser capsule, even can change to the famous international brand microphone capsule.
◆Optimized circuit design, better sound quality, the transmission distance is further and more reliable.
◆Precise low-consumption circuit design, use two AA alkaline battery, the battery life is twice as common.
◆UR-222S can cooperate UH-222 Handheld Microphone and UH-222 Body-pack Transmitter.
Main Frame Size: 1/2 EIA standard 1U
Receiving Channel: Single Channel
Frequency Reliability: ±0.005%
Carrier Frequency Range: 554MHz~936 MHz
Modulation: FM
Working Distance: 60M(in open space)
Oscillation: PLL Synthesized
Sensitivity: 5dBμV, S/N>60dB at 25 KHz deviation
Bandwidth: 32MHz
Max. Deviation Range: ±45KHz
S/N: >105dB
T.H.D.: <0.7%@1KHz
Frequency Response: 80Hz-18KHz  ±3dB
Power Supply: DC 12~18V/1A
Weight: Approximately 1.0kg
Dimension: 205mm(W)x43mm(H)x206mm(D)
Output Socket: XLR balance type or φ6.3mm unbalanced socket